Dacic: We are disappointed with silencing of truth about 1999 NATO aggression

NEW YORK - Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said in New York on Monday Serbia was disappointed that the truth about the 1999 NATO aggression on the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) had been silenced in the UN Security Council.

"We came here at the invitation of the UNSC. We believe this topic is extremely important for the international legal order and that, just like the bombing of Serbia was carried out as a precedent, a precedent occurred in the procedural vote today," Dacic told a press conference at the UNSC headquarters.

He thanked Russia, China and Algeria for voting for a motion to debate the bombing of the FRY in the UNSC.

Twelve UNSC members - France, the UK, the US, Ecuador, Guyana, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, South Korea, Sierra Leone, Slovenia and Switzerland - abstained and there were no votes against.

Dacic also thanked the countries that...

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