Serbian Protesters Storm National Broadcaster Building

Serbian citizens who have been protesting weekly against President Aleksandar Vucic's regime stormed the building of the Serbian national broadcaster RTS on Saturday evening, and were forcefully expelled by police.

Some of the protesters were injured when police in riot gear cleared the premises around 10.30pm.

Opposition leaders followed citizens who entered RTS' premises, among them the leader of the Alliance for Serbia group Dragan Djilas and the head of far-right Dveri movement Bosko Obradovic, who was eventually dragged out of the premises by police.

Djilas and Obradovic demanded for protest organisers to be allowed to speak live on air, but the demonstrators, who regularly criticise RTS for its pro-government stance, were kicked out without this happening.

"We aren't asking for much - an immediate broadcast with participation of a representative of the organisers of the protests, not of politicians," Obradovic told protesters inside the RTS building, while calling on citizens to avoid violence.

An anti-govt protester inside Serbian public broadcaster RTS shouts through a megaphone: "We're going live".

Head of right-wing Dveri party Bosko Obradovic is among the crowd.#1od5miliona
— Balkan Insight (@BalkanInsight) March 16, 2019

About 50 riot police were deployed to the scene to clear out the premises. But after being thrown out of the building, many of the protesters sat in front of RTS singing the Serbian national anthem and chanting.

In two separate press conference during and after the storming of RTS, Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that all those who entered the building illegally will be prosecuted and that the police acted...

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