611 Covid-19 Infected Persons in Bulgaria, 24 Deaths

30 new infected for the last 24 hours in Bulgaria. Of these, 13 were hospitalized and 498 were examined. The total number of infected persons is 611. The increase in cases is 5.2% compared to yesterday.

In Sofia the new cases are 18, in Kyustendil - 4, in Sliven - 2, in Pazardzhik - 1, in Stara Zagora -, in Plovdiv - 1, in Dobrich - 1. Men infected with COVID-19 are 341 (56%) and women are 270 (44%). The youngest is 1 year old, the oldest is 90 years old.

The medical staff infected is 33 people. The new case is about a 62-year-old woman, a doctor, an internist, with no patient contact information. 48 people were cured. 6 new - three men from the Military Medical Academy, 3 from Pazardzhik, one nurse from Peshtera.

31 men and 17 women were healed. The average age is 47 years.

For the day, there is one deceased - a man 72 years old from Shumen who has an accompanying serious illness. The total number of deaths is 24. The average age of the deceased is 65.2 years. 233 were admitted to hospital, 27 were in intensive care units.

The largest number is in Sofia - 146 are hospitalized, 20 are in intensive care units, followed by Plovdiv where 17 - 4 are in intensive care./ Econ.bg


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