Gojkovic: "Larger gatherings from June 21, only if conditions are met" VIDEO / PHOTO

"We still have the virus in the circulation and hundreds of people get sick every day," he pointed out.
He added that they have reached new conclusions that will be implemented in the coming days.
"Hairdressers had a very restrictive working hours because they are in direct contact with possible transmitters, and now it will be possible to gather a larger number of people in salons," said Gojkovi.
He also explained the new decision regarding professional meetings.
"People who organize professional gatherings can start preparations. The maximum number of participants in the gathering is up to 100, with respect to all prescribed measures - distance and wearing masks," said Gojkovi.
The biggest wish, he says, is for events for young people to return.
"If the intensity of the decline in the number of newly infected continues in the next period, if we get out of this precarious situation and if we have about 50 percent of those vaccinated, we will be able to start organizing various types of events and activities after June 21", said Gojkovic.
He emphasized that all this is possible only if the conditions are met, and he appealed to the citizens to be vaccinated, especially to the younger population.
"Everything is in our hands," the provincial secretary for health was clear and added that the decision on larger gatherings after June 21 also applies to graduation celebrations. He also said that the percentage of immunized persons refers only to the citizens of the Republic of Serbia, and pointed out that until June 21, we have time to gain immunity with the help of vaccines and thus the opportunity to allow the organization of large gatherings. The experimental concert was not discussed today.
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