New basic training concept for military service

Ljubljana – Slovenia has a new concept of basic training for the Slovenian Armed Forces, designed as a single entry point for those interested in either voluntary or professional service. The wish is to attract new recruits by offering perks such as basic pay. Everyone under 30 is eligible for voluntary service.

Basic training will be divided into three stages: a five-week boot camp, after which individuals will qualify for strategic army reserve, followed by six weeks of follow-up training for reserve forces, and a final training for those wishing to become professional soldiers.

Presenting the new government decree, Defence Minister Matej Tonin said on Friday that individuals may decide to spread out phases of the training over multiple years, for example completing some of the training every academic year.

For the whole 13 weeks of training, recruits will get pay of roughly EUR 3,200. Additionally, they will have the option of doing the theoretical part of the driving test. “Once they complete training, they can spend the money they earn on driving lessons,” Tonin said.

As he pointed out, a modern military requires stable financing and more staff. Financing has been secured, while the new training system is expected to increase the inflow of potential staff.

The first basic training in line with the new concept will start in Vipava on 5 July. Once fully rolled out, it will be conducted in three barracks – Vipava, Bohinjska Bela and Murska Sobota.

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