Inquiry launched into harassment of female student by professor

Following a series of condemnations by notable women's organizations across the country, Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) has launched an administrative investigation against Celal Şengör, a well-known geology expert who recently admitted to sexually harassing one of his female students.

"İTÜ is against all kinds of physical, verbal and other forms of harassment and humiliating behavior, and not even the slightest tolerance will be shown to those who commit such acts," according to a statement released by the university.

Şengör came under fire on Sep. 16 after an undated video of him surfaced online, showing him boasting and laughing about sexually harassing a student by "lifting her skirt" and "spanking her buttock."

"She made me so angry that I lifted Saniye's [the student] skirt and gave a smack on her butt. She was terrified," the 66-year-old geologist is heard saying in what seems to be an online video meeting.

The footage went viral on social media on Sept. 16, grabbing the attention of leading women's organizations who asked the university board to dismiss the professor for his disgraceful behavior.

The first reaction to Şengör was from a group of activists calling themselves "İTÜ Woman+ Solidarity," bearing the name of İTÜ, where Şengör works.

The association brought out a statement on Sept. 17, asking the university board to part ways with the scientist.

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