Most New Year’s lottery tickets sold in Istanbul

Istanbul is taking the lead in the ticket sales of the New Year's lottery with a prize money of 120 million Turkish Liras ($8.8 million), daily Milliyet has reported.

The western province of İzmir, the northwestern province of Kocaeli and the capital Ankara follow Istanbul in the ticket sales, the daily reported on Dec. 8.

Full fare tickets of 120 liras ($8.8), half fare tickets of 60 liras ($4.4) and quarter fare tickets of 30 liras ($2.2) have been on sale since Nov. 4.

The grand prize to be revealed in the Dec. 31 draw is 120 million liras.

"In total, between 670 million and 760 million Turkish Liras [$49 million and $55.7 million] will be awarded on New Year's," the daily said.

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