Plenty of first-time voters, but will they show up?

[Intime News]

A law passed by the previous leftist-led government giving the vote to people whose 17th birthday falls within the calendar year of an election, a year earlier than previously, means that people as young as 16 years and 5 months will be eligible to cast ballots. It also means a larger than usual cohort of new voters.

According to market research firm MRB Hellas, this cohort will include at least 400,000 and as many as 432,000 first-time voters, of whom MRB expects about 50-55% to actually vote.

A big influx of new voters should benefit left-wing SYRIZA: Even as it lost the overall vote to New Democracy, 39% - 31%, it won among 17-24 year-olds, 38% - 30%. But a lot will hinge on actual participation.

Six youths interviewed by Kathimerini agreed they were jolted by the recent rail disaster; but whereas two became motivated to vote, another said she was now more...

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