Macron gave an Ultimatum of 100 days - The Protests in France Continue

@Wikimedia Commons

French President Emmanuel Macron has given himself 100 days to get the country back on its feet after weeks of protests and public anger over raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

He asked the government to start talks with the unions on a wide range of issues.

In a televised address two days after signing the controversial pension reform, Emmanuel Macron said the prime minister must propose measures to improve working conditions as well as maintain order in education and health.

"On the national holiday, July 14, we must be able to take stock", the head of state stressed.

He insists pension reform is needed to avoid a deficit of billions of euros every year until the end of the decade.

Macron expressed regret that the changes did not receive broad public support.

During his speech, demonstrators rattled pots and pans in front of city halls in major cities, and trash cans were set on fire in Paris.

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