Poll gives New Democracy 21.5-point lead over SYRIZA


Conservative New Democracy enjoys a 21.5 percentage point over its main rival, leftist SYRIZA, according to a new opinion poll.

Conducted by Marc for ANT1, the poll put New Democracy on 39.5% and SYRIZA on 18%.

In third place was socialist PASOK on 11.13%, followed by the communist KKE 6.9%, rightwing Greek Solution on 3.7%, anti-establishment Course of Freedom on 3.6%, and ultra-Orthodox Niki on 3.1%.

The far-right Spartans were on 2.6% and Yanis Varoufakis' MeRA25 was on 2.1%, which puts both of them below the 3% threshold necessary to enter parliament.

Based on these results, the pollsters estimate that seven parties would enter parliament after Sunday's election, with New Democracy taking 165 seats, SYRIZA 53, PASOK 32, KKE 21, Greek Solution 10, Course of Freedom 10, and Niki 9 seats each.

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