Night Fighting and Intense Airstrikes in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army reported night fighting and intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Gaza City was previously declared under complete siege as part of the military operation against Hamas, which began after the October 7 attack on Israel that killed 1,400 people.

According to the Palestinian side, the victims of the Israeli attacks exceed 9 thousand people.

The UN has again called for a humanitarian ceasefire.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinkson arrives in Tel Aviv today, starting a new Middle East tour from Israel.

Israel announced last night that it was sending all workers from there back to Gaza and that it was "severing all ties" with the enclave. In general, "Israel is cutting all ties with Gaza, there will be no more Palestinian workers from Gaza," the cabinet stressed.

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry said the death toll from Israeli strikes since October 7 now exceeds 9,000. Israel launched massive airstrikes and launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip after more than 1,400 people were killed and more than 200 abducted by the group.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is launching a new diplomatic shuttle to the Middle East. Today he will be in Tel Aviv and later he will go to Amman.

US Vice President Kamala Harris said Washington would not seek to impose any conditions on the support it gives Israel to defend itself following the October 7 attacks by the extremist group Hamas.

The speech of the leader of the Lebanese Shiite movement "Hezbollah" Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is expected today - the first since the start of Israel's war against "Hamas" along with the escalation of tensions on Israel's northern border. From there, they reported a massive air raid against Hezbollah positions on the...

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