Bulgaria Positioned to Boost Ammo Production Amid EU Demand

Todor Tagarev

Bulgaria's Defense Minister, Todor Tagarev, has highlighted the country's potential as a significant ammunition producer relative to its population and economic stature. Foreseeing an extended conflict in Ukraine, Tagarev anticipates a growing demand for military stockpiles across EU nations, presenting a lucrative opportunity for Bulgaria's defense industry.

Speaking after the defense ministers' meeting in Brussels, Tagarev indicated that Bulgarian companies are poised to seek investments to expand ammunition production capacities. He revealed ongoing efforts to encourage these companies to apply for additional financing to bolster their manufacturing capabilities, aiming to meet the surging demand for ammunition in the wake of the Ukrainian conflict.

Addressing concerns raised by the EU's High Representative, Josep Borrell, regarding the delivery of 1 million shells to Ukraine, Tagarev acknowledged the probable delay in meeting this commitment by March next year. Responding to queries about redirecting production to third countries for Ukraine, as suggested by Borrell, Tagarev left the possibility open, hinting that such exports might eventually find their way to Ukraine.

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