Swedish minister in Athens for meeting on ‘safer’ Europe

[InTime News]

Sweden will always remember Greece's support for its NATO membership bid, the Scandinavian country's minister for European affairs, Jessika Roswall, said in Parliament in Athens on Tuesday. 

"In these troubled times, the need for unity and cooperation is even greater. We will never forget your support," she said, addressing Parliament's European Affairs Committee, which was convened to discuss "A safer, greener, freer Europe: Securing the Union against the challenges of the times."

Referring to her country's priorities in the broader EU framework, Roswall said that military, economic and political support for Ukraine is Number One. 

"This is of vital importance for the restoration of peace and freedom in our continent. Greece's commitment to ensuring Ukraine's sovereignty was demonstrated by your prime minister's visit to Odessa in March, and it was also...

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