Bulgaria and Turkey Collaborate to Strengthen Border Security

Bulgaria-Turkey border

In a proactive move to bolster security along their shared border, Bulgaria and Turkey have initiated a joint project aimed at enhancing law enforcement capacities and cooperation. The endeavor, funded through the 2021-2027 Interreg VI-A IPA Bulgaria-Turkey Cross-border Cooperation Programme, has been announced by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

Valued at EUR 1.7 million, the project focuses on reinforcing the capabilities of law enforcement entities in the regions of Burgas, Haskovo, and Yambol in Bulgaria, alongside Edirne and Kirklareli in Turkey, particularly in managing migration-related challenges. The initiative encompasses the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment for units involved in combating illegal migration, coupled with joint training sessions, demonstrations, and exchange visits between Bulgarian and Turkish Interior Ministries.

The overarching goal is to optimize migration management systems and streamline asylum procedures in both nations, fostering more efficient border control mechanisms.

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