Bulgarian Defense Minister Faces Calls for Resignation Amid Controversy Over Military Aid to Ukraine

Todor Tagarev

The leaders of GERB Boyko Borissov and DPS Delyan Peevski demanded the replacement of the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev. The reason - is the delay in delivery of the armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

Attacks by Borissov and Peevski

"For me, the work of Minister Tagarev is over - whatever they write in this report, he has not finished the job. This is a non-working minister, according to him now the deputy ministers, the Ministry of the Interior and everyone else are to blame, only he is at high speeds. So high that there is a report in a secret office about what he has done. If I were him, I would not go to Kyiv to see Zelensky before I have implemented the decisions of the parliament," said Boyko Borissov.

"He can't send some armored personnel carriers for several months. A job we did with GERB and DPS months ago. Everything was ready - signed, done - on January 18 the money was provided, he has not done anything to this day. And today he is a pitiful sight, he blames the deputy ministers. Be a man and say: 'It's my fault I didn't send them'. He walks back and forth, only takes pictures, nothing done for Ukraine. Everything that is done for Ukraine, the parliament did. Tagarev did one big zero," said Delyan Peevski.

The Bulgaria Parliament will hear out Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Defense Minister Todor Tagarev on Thursday. They will answer questions related to the Prime Minister's visit to Ukraine.

The Minister of Defense was not to blame for the delayed aid to Ukraine, as well as for the undelivered but promised aid, but the Deputy Ministers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs are to blame. In fact, Todor Tagarev was preparing the largest Bulgarian military...

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