Loverdos launches new party ahead of European elections

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Former PASOK minister and MP Andreas Loverdos has unveiled a new political party that will debut in the upcoming European Parliament elections in June.

In a video shared on social media on Monday, Loverdos, now 67, described his Democrats party as "patriotic, popular, politically liberal, modernist-minded, digital, pluralistic," pledging to advocate "for our country, the European Union, and the citizens of Europe."

The video, lasting nearly one-and-a-half minutes, was filmed near the Evros border with Turkey, a location Loverdos emphasized was not chosen by chance.

"I convey a message from a border region that Greeks safeguard akin to another Thermopylae; where, in 2020, we repelled an invasion attempt. This message extends to all Europeans: only through unity and security can we effectively strive for the revival of the European Union," he said.

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