Türkiye, Iraq to hold security summit in Baghdad

In a clear sign of intensified common efforts to clear northern Iraq of PKK terrorists, Türkiye and Iraq will hold another high-level security summit in Baghdad on March 14 with the participation of two countries' defense and foreign ministers as well as intelligence chiefs.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and National Intelligence Organization (MİT) chief İbrahim Kalın will travel to Iraq for the security summit, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced on March 13.

"Developing a joint understanding on the fight against terror and joint steps to be taken to this end will be on the agenda," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Öncü Keçeli told reporters at a press conference in Ankara.

Türkiye and Iraq have been in intense talks to increase anti-terror cooperation due to the PKK's activities and influence in northern Iraq. They held the first security summit in the same format in Ankara in December 2023 with the participation of Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and Defense Minister Thabet Muhammad Al-Abbasi.

A joint statement following the December talks had highlighted PKK as a threat to both countries. Ankara interpreted this as Baghdad's increased awareness and commitment to the elimination of PKK.

Since December, Fidan, Güler and Kalın have paid bilateral visits to Iraq for talks with their counterparts.

Türkiye's ultimate aim is to eliminate PKK terrorists and their facilities in northern Iraq, from where they have been infiltrating the Turkish borders and posing a threat to the Turkish army and citizens. In recent attacks, PKK killed 21 Turkish troops in northern Iraq.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed that the terrorism problem stemming from the PKK's presence on Iraqi territories...

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