EU Considers Rolling Back Tariffs on Ukrainian Grain Imports

Amidst growing pressure from farmers and member states, the European Union is poised to reverse tariffs on grain imports from Russia and Belarus, a move aimed at easing tensions and supporting agricultural sectors, according to reports from the Financial Times.

The anticipated decision, expected to be announced by the European Commission in the coming days, would see the imposition of a duty of 95 euros per ton on cereals from Russia and Belarus. Additionally, tariffs of 50% are set to be levied on oilseeds and their derivatives.

The EU's move comes as part of broader efforts to mitigate the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on its agricultural trade. Currently, the European Commission has proposed extending duty-free imports of Ukrainian food products for another year, starting from June 5. This extension, initially implemented at the onset of the war, aims to support Kyiv in maintaining revenue streams amid the crisis.

However, the decision to maintain duty-free imports has been met with backlash from farmers within the EU, who have voiced concerns over the influx of Ukrainian produce flooding the market and undercutting their prices. This discontent has manifested in protests and calls for action to protect domestic agricultural interests.

The proposed rollback of tariffs on Russian and Belarusian grain imports underscores the delicate balance the EU must navigate between supporting Ukraine and addressing the concerns of its own agricultural stakeholders. As tensions persist and geopolitical dynamics evolve, finding a sustainable solution to the complex challenges facing the European agricultural sector remains a top priority for policymakers.

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