Athens seeks air defense system like Iron Dome

[Tomer Neuberg/AP]

The reference on Wednesday by Defense Minister Nikos Dendias to the need for a protective anti-aircraft system brought back to the fore a debate which has being continuing at the level of the country's military leadership over the last few years - long before the demonstration of Israel's capabilities against enemy missiles and rockets.

"The nation must shield itself… Examining the conflict in Ukraine, we have concluded that it is imperative to construct an anti-aircraft and anti-drone system," Dendias told Skai TV, announcing plans to develop an air defense system inspired by Israel's sophisticated Iron Dome, aimed at safeguarding the country against airborne threats.

Turkey has a very large number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various categories. These UAVs pose a serious threat to the Hellenic Armed Forces. A number of them have been used in recent...

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