US Embassy in Bulgaria Extends Warm Wishes on May 24 Celebration

The US embassy in Bulgaria has extended its congratulations on today's special holiday. "Happy May 24, Happy Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, and of Slavic literature," the message begins.

Today, we honor the Bulgarian letters—thirty sacred symbols that empower us to tell stories, draw wisdom from our ancestors, and create new worlds. These letters are the magical thread connecting generations, past to future, spirit to matter. They form the foundation of our writing and language, allowing us to express our boundless inner world.

May 24 is a day to revere the power of knowledge and to celebrate those who have preserved and developed our writing and culture over the centuries. From Bulgarian scribes to today's teachers, intellectuals, creators, and writers, we honor their contributions.

The embassy also extended special congratulations to the leaders, teachers, and all active Bulgarians who run Bulgarian Sunday schools in the USA. Through their dedication, Bulgarian children in America learn to write and speak Bulgarian, fostering a deep connection with their heritage.

This bright holiday is dedicated to the educated and those who value knowledge as the future of Bulgaria.

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