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'Witness A':12 KLA commanders were in charge of Likovac camp

PRISTINA - In the resumed Drenica Group trial, a protected witness stated that 12 commanders of the former (paramilitary ethnic Albanians' Kosovo Liberation Army) KLA, including the outgoing prime minister of Kosovo Hasim Taci, were in charge of the camp in the village of Likovac, central Kosovo.

Bank of Albania governor under pressure after theft probe

Bank of Albania governor under pressure after theft probe

The demand comes after the bank announced employees stole millions over a four-year period.

Civil society in Albania is calling for the Bank of Albania governor to resign after it was revealed that bank employees stole more than $7 million over a four-year period.

Banks to trim assets, especially abroad, to boost capital bases

By Yiannis Papadoyiannis

The European Commission’s restructuring plans for Greek banks provide for a drastic scaling back of their activities abroad as well as reductions in the number of branches and staff at home.

The plans for banks National (NBG) and Piraeus were given the green light late last month, following those for Alpha in early July and Eurobank in April.

BH Air to Fly to New York, Chicago

Bulgarian airline BH Air could launch direct flights to the United States next spring  – 16 years after national carrier Balkan Airlines made its last flight to New York.

BH Air could launch direct flights from Sofia to New York and Chicago with bookings to be launched this autumn, 24 Chasa daily has reported.

Roma Evictions in Albania 'Concern' CoE

“Concerned about planned evictions of Roma in Elbasan, Albania,” Muiznieks wrote on his twitter account on Thursday.

 “I call on authorities to ensure suitable and sustainable housing alternative and uphold human rights,” he added.

The houses of the seven Roma families face demolition due to make way for the expansion of the city’s soccer stadium and a road.

Greek hopes for EEZ with Albania suffer setback

Greece’s hopes of agreeing an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Ionian Sea with Albania have been dealt another blow after the prosecutor’s office in Tirana launched an investigation into the agreement between the two countries.

Greece's OTE Telecom posts 21 pct profit rise in Q2

Greece's biggest telecoms company OTE on Thursday reported a 21 percent rise in profit in the second quarter as the country's austerity-hit economy stabilized.

Albania Closes Suspected 'Diploma Factories'

Prime Minister Edi Rama has ordered the closure of 18 colleges suspected of handing out dubious diplomas and degrees.

Highlighting the findings of the report on Monday, Rama noted that in the space of only a few years “32,000 degrees have been generated from the private university system, half them issued by one university.

Kosovo promises to co-operate with war crimes investigation

Kosovo promises to co-operate with war crimes investigation

Indictments by an EU task force are expected to be filed once a special court is established next year.

Kosovo pledged to continue to work with the EU Special Investigative Task Force (SITF) to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed after the 1999 Kosovo war.

Albanians Rally Against Bank Chief After Robbery

Holding posters reading ‘wanted’ and ‘thief,’ the protestors, who organised themselves through social networks,  gathered in front of Albania’s central bank at noon on Monday, calling for Fulani’s resignation and prosecution.

Athens deporting far more irregular immigrants

A shortage of space at migrant detention facilities near Athens has prompted Greek authorities to intensify deportations.

According to Greek Police data released Monday, the Attica Aliens Buraeu deported 332 undocumented migrants in June compared to 185 during the same month last year, an increase of 79 percent.