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Saz: Ancient Instrument’s Epic Journey From Central Asia to the Balkans

Nachtmanova may have met relatively late with Saz in the Berlin suburbs populated by many Turks and Kurds from Turkey, but in a short time has become popular for her enthusiasm for Turkish bardic culture and Saz - and of course for her crystalline voice.

Plenković is clear: "Our ties are unbreakable"

As he stated, those two countries are permanently referred to each other, and Croatia remains the best friend of the neighboring country and its advocate in the bodies of the European Union.

EU threatens Dodik with army: "Within 24 hours"

On the other hand, the Greens in the European Parliament state that the European Union can react militarily if necessary, i.e. to send 6.000 soldiers to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Decision adopted in Banja Luka - D day for Republika Srpska

At today's session, four pieces of information were discussed, after which conclusions were adopted regarding judicial institutions, defense and security, and indirect taxes.
52 MPs voted, of which 49 from the RS ruling coalition backed the conclusions.

United States prepares a diplomatic offensive in Bosnia-Herzegovina

In an interview with the Guardian, Derek Cholet, a senior adviser to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, said the United States was determined to regain Bosnia and Herzegovina from being "on the edge" amid "secessionist threats by Serbian nationalists and that sanctions were among the options which they are considering".

Bosnian Serbs Started Paving the Way for their Own Army Today

The Republika Srpska parliament, a Bosnian Serb-dominated part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is preparing to discuss a declaration that has exacerbated tensions in the country and heightened fears of disintegration and has brought back memories of ethnic violence a quarter of a century ago.

Bosnia Cannot Squander UK’s Growing Interest in Its Fate

In that sense, Bosnia's sovereignty can only be truly championed by its own citizens. Still, it is striking that for a country which at one time was the poster child of the triumphs of international liberalism, the cause of liberal democracy in Bosnia effectively falls on deaf ears in most Western capitals.

CoE Torture Watchdog Accuses Croatia of Abusing Migrants at Borders

The Council of Europe's anti-torture committee has called on EU external border state Croatia to stop police ill-treatment of migrants and asylum seekers in its borders.

On Friday, its report called on authorities to take "determined action to stop migrants from being ill-treated by police officers and to ensure that cases of alleged ill-treatment are investigated effectively".

Britain’s Johnson Appoints Military Chief as Balkans Envoy

Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach has been named British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Envoy for the Western Balkans, adding to the list of international envoys to the region after the United States and European Union did the same with Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajcak.

London sends its man to the Balkans; "We must not allow violence"

He states that the region is facing the greatest threat to its stability and security in the last two decades, and that we must not allow a return to violence and divisions from the past, the British government announced today.

President Pahor starts visits to Serbia, Kosovo

Belgrade – President Borut Pahor will visit Serbia on Sunday and Kosovo on Monday as he prepares for the next summit of the Brdo-Brijuni Process, a regional cooperation initiative. He is scheduled to meet Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić today, and Kosovar President Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti tomorrow.