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Golden opportunity to buy land for a logistics centre!

The largest building land in Slovenia is located in Sežana. The land boasts a prime strategic position at the edge of the developing industrial park in Sežana, right beside the Slovenian-Italian border, and excellent transport infrastructure connections. The land is located right beside the regional road, A3 highway and highway exit Sežana.

Bulgarians have Greater Financial Assets than Russians, Romanians and Turks

Bulgarians have greater financial assets than Slovaks, Russians, Romanians, Turks and Serbs. Regarding the net financial assets per capita, our country ranks 38th out of 53 countries worldwide with a result of 7680 euro per person. For the gross amount, Bulgaria is down one position with a result of 9760 euros, the latest edition of the Allianz Global Wealth Report shows.

Leader in Cheap Clothing Trade Enters Bulgaria and Opens 60 Stores by 2021

The chain of retail stores in Central and Eastern Europe PEPCO will open its first stores on the Bulgarian market early next year and plans to have 60 sites in Bulgaria by the end of 2021. This is clear from an official announcement of the company.


Despite these bad omens, Šarec formed his government, independently, with the poise of an experienced equilibrist, managing to sustain balance while leaning both left and right, even though many were eager to see him slip.

United Group Dismisses Fears of 'Change' After Buyout

United Group's General Counsel, Steve Leroy, said nothing would change after the private equity firm BC Partners this week acquired a majority stake in the largest alternative pay-TV company in former Yugoslavia.

"The future plans for the companies within the group, including the N1 news network, will not change," Leroy told BIRN.

KKR sells stake in United Group, SBB owner

The buyer is British company BC Partners, the Wall Street Journal reported on September 27, according to Beta agency.

United Group, created in 2007 in a merger of SBB, Telemach Slovenija and Telemach Bosna, is the owner of cable provider SBB in Serbia, Telemach in Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, and TV channels Sport Klub, N1, Cinemania, TOP, Ultra, Grand and others.

Chief Prosecutors of Bulgaria and Albania Signed Memorandum of Cooperation

Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor, Sotir Tsatsarov and Albania's Chief Prosecutor, Arta Marku, signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the two Prosecutor's Offices on 26th of September in Sofia.

The Memorandum provides for cooperation in the area of international legal assistance and mutual exchange of information, the Prosecutor's Office said.

BC Partners Buys Serbia's Biggest Cable Group United Group

A private equity firm, BC Partners, is to take over majority ownership of Serbia's largest cable company, United Group, from the US-based equity firm, KKR, which will downgrade to minority owner, BC Partners and KKR announced jointly on Thursday. 

"BC Partners is the final buyer of KKR's stake," BC Partners told BIRN on Thursday.

China's Biggest Shipping Company Opens in Bosnia

COSCO shipping lines, China's largest state-owned international and domestic container shipping and related services company, is opening its first branch in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

Bulgaria to Launch Campaign to Attract Chinese Tourists, Says Bulgarian Tourism Minister

Sofia. China is very important for the European tourism, we seek to promote Bulgaria as a tourism destination in the Chinese market. We are preparing a marketing campaign to attract visitors from China, which we plan to launch next year. Bulgaria's official tourism portal will be available in Chinese after its upgrade in 2019.

"Brothers and sisters Croats, let's do it this way..."

Dacic on Wednesday also called on what he referred to as "brothers and sisters Croats" to all focus "a little bit on the future."

Dacic said this as a response to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic stating that "Serbia's EU path leads through Croatia," and that there are "many issues have piled up that must be resolved in order for Serbia to join the EU."