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Countdown starts for Ankara contemporary art fair

The 5th Art Ankara International Contemporary Art Fair, bringing together Turkey's and the world's major galleries, artists, institutions and organizations, will be organized between March 14 and 17.

High quality, low cost fly Turkey hair transplant sector

I wanted to look better. A better look of my hair would make me feel charming," an Israeli man was saying on the table of hair transplantation operation in Turkey's Istanbul.

‘Harem,’ Turkey’s longest-running ballet

The Turkish ballet "Harem" (Seraglio), which blends classical ballet with Ottoman music, has become the longest-running ballet show in Turkey, having been staged by the Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB) for 20 years. 

Letter from Istanbul | Athens | February 23

In Istanbul in the 19th century, two friends, violinists Cemil Bey, a Turk, and Vasilakis, a Greek-speaking Rom, managed to rescue their music from oblivion by recording it on the phonograph, then an exciting new medium.

Pavilion of Turkey to present 'We, elsewhere' in Venice

"We, Elsewhere," a new work by İnci Eviner, will be presented in Turkey's pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia to be held from May 11 to Nov. 24. 

Turkey's 3rd Antarctic expedition to kick off next week

Turkey's 3rd national scientific expedition to Antarctica is set to begin next week for meteorological researches on the coldest continent on earth, according to an official statement.

Turkey's most terrifying family: The Palus

A family in western Turkey has been shocking the country in recent weeks with their terrifying story, including allegations of multiple murders, kidnappings, pedophilia and torture.

News agencies in Europe join forces to fight fake news

News agencies in Europe have joined forces to fight the growing threat posed by fake news. In a resolution adopted last week in Tirana, these commit to developing effective tools and rules to enable journalists and Internet users to fight misinformation as well as to promote reliable media and educate users to surf in the digital environment.