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News agencies in Europe join forces to fight fake news

News agencies in Europe have joined forces to fight the growing threat posed by fake news. In a resolution adopted last week in Tirana, these commit to developing effective tools and rules to enable journalists and Internet users to fight misinformation as well as to promote reliable media and educate users to surf in the digital environment.

Turkey’s most popular singers and songs in 2018 announced

Turkish rapper Ezhel, who had hit headlines in Turkey after being arrested for encouraging drug use, topped Turkish music streaming charts in 2018, according to figures released by Spotify on Dec. 4. Click through for the list...

'A Mountain Tale' by Yıldız Moran at Istanbul Modern

In a new exhibition titled "Yıldız Moran: A Mountain Tale," Istanbul Modern Photography Gallery presents the works of Yıldız Moran, Turkey's first academically trained woman photographer who lived between 1932 and 1995. Moran, who was active in the 1950s, is one of the most important photographers to have emerged from Turkey. 

Kundura Cinema unveils wonder of Istanbul

A landmark of Turkey's industrial and cultural heritage, Beykoz Kundura revives a cinematic legacy with the launch of Kundura Cinema on Nov. 17, supported by a program of curated screenings and parallel activities. 

Turkish drone to be exhibited in Indonesia

Turkey's Anka unmanned aerial vehicle will be exhibited in a defense fair in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Click through for the story in photos...

Matisse painting seized in Turkey's south: Official

A painting, believed to be made by the famous 20th century French artist Henri Matisse, has been seized in Turkey's southern province of Antalya, a prosecutor said on Nov. 3.

Turkey’s undiscovered fairy chimneys of Narman

The fairy chimneys of Turkey’s ancient region of Cappadocia are famous around the world but another geological wonder in the country’s east remain undiscovered by millions of people. Click through for the story in photos...

Turkish entertainer Karlova aka Ufong becomes sensation in Taiwan

Turkey first heard about Uğur Rıfat Karlova, a Turkish entertainer living in Taiwan, when he won the "Best Host" award in 2012 at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards, which is the Taiwanese equivalent to the Emmy Awards. He was the first foreigner to receive an award in that category.