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Migrants Jump over the "Golden" Fence with Ladders at the Bulgarian Border

Footage of a group of migrants jumping over the border fence between Bulgaria and Turkey using a simple ladder was broadcast by bTV last night.

The fence swallowed tens of millions of leva - and it is not even known exactly how many, since it was refinanced many times during the time of the government of GERB and the so-called "patriots" from VMRO.

Number of illegal migrants more than doubles to 15,500 in Jan-Sept

Slovenian police intercepted a total of 15,590 illegal migrants in the January-September period, a rise of 115% from the same nine-month period last year. Police statistics show that Afghanistan citizens accounted for the largest single group of illegal migrants – 2,691 of the total.

Six migrants including two babies die at sea after Greek pushback: Türkiye

Six migrants including two babies have died at sea after Greece pushed them back to Turkish waters in the Aegean, the Turkish coastguard said on Sept. 13. 

Another 73 migrants were also rescued off Muğla province in the southwest, the coastguard said.

Passport Privilege: Turkish Fraudster’s Route to Honorary Greek Citizenship

The Greek public had to wait for investigative outlet 'inside story' to break the news on July 7, triggering fierce debate over Ayavefe's suitability for such an honour. For Ayavefe is no musicologist or historian, and certainly no wizard on the basketball court.

Yasam Ayavefe