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Turkish Protesters Besiege Swedish Consulate Over Koran-Burning Stunt

Protesters in front of the Swedish consulate in Istanbul on Sunday chanted against Sweden and burned Swedish flags and pictures of the far-right Swedish-Danish politician Rasmus Paludan.

Paludan sparked anger in Turkey by publicly burning the Koran in front of supporters of his far-right Danish political party, Hard Line. He also has Swedish citizenship.

Greece, Turkey to go to the polls in sync

Elections in Greece and Turkey will take place at about the same time and, according to the most likely scenario, a second parliamentary election in Greece will take place on May 14, the same day Turkey will elect both its president and lawmakers.

Erdogan announces Turkish elections to be held on May 14

Turkey's president has announced May 14 as the date for the country's next parliamentary and presidential elections.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who plans to seek reelection, made the announcement during a Saturday youth conference in northwestern Bursa province. A video of the event was released Sunday.

Austrian Chancellor Nehammer before his Visit: Austria won't Let Bulgaria into Schengen

There is no change in Austria's position on Bulgaria's accession to Schengen, the Austrian Chancellor announced before his visit to Bulgaria.

Karl Nehammer and Minister of the Interior Gerhard Karner arrive in Bulgaria today. They have a meeting with President Rumen Radev, with whom they will visit the Bulgarian-Turkish border together.

Turkey and the West: Who’s calling the shots?

Turkey has been in a process of democratization since the early 1950s. The launch of this process coincided with the country's accession to NATO, which was obviously driven by the exigencies of the Cold War period and the need to contain the Soviet threat.

Türkiye slams Sweden over anti-Islam, anti-Türkiye acts

Türkiye has strongly slammed Sweden for allowing anti-Islam and anti-Türkiye protests near the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm and has canceled Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson's next week visit to Türkiye during which the Scandinavian country's NATO application was planned to be discussed.

Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Balkan energy race

The recent announcement of a long-term energy agreement between Turkey and Bulgaria giving the latter access for 13 years to Turkish regasification terminals, came as a surprise to some and caused consternation in Athens.

Greece needs EU help to protect external borders, minister says

Protecting Greece's borders requires the support of the European Union, the country's Citizens' Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos told 27 foreign ambassadors during a visit in the northeastern town of Alexandroupoli, where he briefed them about the Akritas plan to protect the border with Turkey at Evros.

Turkey cancels Swedish defense minister visit after protest permit

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Saturday that a planned visit by his Swedish counterpart to Ankara has been cancelled after Swedish authorities granted permission for protests in Stockholm.

"At this point, the visit of Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson to Turkey on January 27 has become meaningless. So we cancelled the visit," Akar said.

Türkiye summons Swedish envoy over Stockholm's permission for Quran burning

Türkiye on Jan. 20 summoned the Swedish ambassador to Ankara over Sweden's permission for a planned burning of the Quran, Islam's holy book, near the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

Turkish foreign ministry officials told the Swedish ambassador, "we condemn this provocative action which is clearly a hate crime - in strongest terms."

Erdogan issues ‘crazy Turk’ attack threat

In the latest installment of threatening rhetoric, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened Greece with a "crazy Turk" attack if it does not wise up. 

Speaking at a rally in Istanbul on Friday, he said Turkey's Tayfun missile has scared Greece and stressed, "We are not so concerned about striking Athens as long as you [Greece] are smart." 

Multiple elections in a cloud of uncertainty

As 2023 is a year of elections in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, it is useful to remember that we are now experiencing the calm before the storm. However great the tension between parties in each of these countries may seem today, the rivalry will keep intensifying, without any indication that the result of the elections will lead to any kind of normalcy. 

Erdogan says Greek PM’s Davos comments inconsequential

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed comments made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Davos on Thursday as inconsequential.

"Mitsotakis can say what he wants, but his statements are not enough to change the fate of the region," Erdogan said on Friday. He did not clarify what he meant.