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7 terrorists 'neutralized' in SE Turkey

Turkish security forces neutralized seven terrorists in southeastern Siirt province, the Interior Ministry said on Sept. 22.

Rivers drying would have devastating effects: Expert

If rivers get dried, there would be destructive consequences for human being and environment, as they support biodiversity and ecosystem, according to an official from a river organization.

Hearing impairment not obstacle for athletes

Athletes with hearing impairment do not need any extra equipment while playing sports, according to head of a sports federation.

#Bucharest560: Bucharesters' cultural profile

What do the Bucharesters like to do in their free time? Do they go to the cinema or do they watch movies at home? Do they prefer the opera or the cinema? How much TV do they watch per day? Do the downtown city inhabitants have different interests to those in the suburbs?

Athens, 185 years later

Is Athens a successful city? Given everything such a simplistic definition entails, I would say that, yes, it is. I also believe that most Athenians would vote it as their top favorite if they were asked to, despite all its ills.

Questions about identity of man arrested over 1985 hijacking

Greek police said Saturday they have arrested a suspect in the 1985 hijacking of a flight from Athens that became a multi-day ordeal and included the slaying of an American.

Police said a 65-year-old suspect in the hijacking was arrested Thursday on the island of Mykonos in response to a warrant from Germany.

Bulgarian climber dies on Mt. Olympus

A Bulgarian climber fell to his death high on Mt. Olympus Saturday.

The man had fallen in a gully called "Louki tou Stefaniou" earlier Saturday.

He was retrieved by local firemen and the Fire Service's Special Squad, but did not survive.


Strikes to disrupt public transport, ferry services

There will be no services on the Kifissia-Piraeus urban electric railway (ISAP) or the capital's trolley buses on Tuesday, as staff are to join a 24-hour strike in protest at the provisions of the government's growth bill. 
Workers on other forms of public transport, including buses, the tram and the Athens metro, are also expected to stage work stoppages.

PM Dancila: We are not a failed government, we are an efficient government

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Saturday stated that the Government is not a "failed" one, as labeled by President Klaus Iohannis, but an efficient one, and that the economic figures confirm it. "We are not a failed Government, as the President labeled us. He plays with words. It's very easy to offend someone. I never offend.

Green growth

Protests demanding government action on climate change which took place in some 150 capitals around the world including Athens on Friday were a welcome development.

Aviation buffs converge on Tanagra for air show

Flying enthusiasts watch Hellenic Air Force helicopters participate in the Tanagra International Air Show, part of Athens Flying Week, at the Tanagra Air Base on Saturday. The air show, which took place for the eighth year in a row, drew some 60,000 visitors from across Greece and 4,000 from abroad.

Costa-Gavras: ‘What we have here is a film, a show’

Costa-Gavras sat patiently in one of the many lounges of the Hotel Excelsior on the Lido in Venice, taking questions from successive groups of three or four journalists. He looked tired, but also happy, smiling.