Manolis Charos | Athens | To January 26

In "Treasure Island" at the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, the respected Greek artist Manolis Charos presents previously unseen paintings and mixed-media works inspired by classical literary masterpieces, mythology and crime novels whose enduring themes remain topical to this day and whose characters - like pirates, evzones, soldiers and cowboys - represent archetypal figures.

The Sale of E-Vignettes May Be Hampered on December 21st

On December 21, 2019, from 0 a.m. to 3 a.m, activities for implementing updates of the electronic system for toll collection both time-based and based on distance travelled have been scheduled. It is possible that partial delays and interruptions occur, which could hamper e-vignettes sales.   

Europeans Publish 597 Selfies Every Year

The selfie remains one of the most preferred features on smartphones, according to a new survey of the global smartphone brand HONOR. The study makes interesting discoveries about self-culture in Europe. According to it, selfie's popularity continues to grow, with 85% of Europeans saying they are taking more selfies than ever before.