Bulgarian MPs Are to Hold Extraordinary Parliamentary Control

Plenary chamber of Bulgaria's National Assembly. Photo: BGNES

The Bulgarian MPs are to hold an extraordinary sitting on February 17, the majority of which will be dedicated to parliamentary control.

Last week, the oppositional Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and Ataka parties accused the Speaker of Parliament Tsetska Tsacheva of sparing ministers from parliamentary control.

It became clear that the time, which is usually assigned for parliamentary control on Fridays, is too short.

Tsatcheva revealed that over 100 questions and 10 inquiries have accumulated until last week, daily Dnevnik reports.

In her words, in order for all questions to be answered, twenty hours worth of plenary sitting will be needed.

Tsatcheva made a commitment to hold an extraordinary sitting in order for the accumulated questions to be answered.

The first point on the agenda of the extraordinary sitting on February 17 will be the establishment of an inquiry committee, which is to examine the state of the pension funds and the efficiency of their supervision.

This important commission will be tasked with analysing and presenting results and recommendations to the parliament prior to its strategic decision on the pension reform.

The proposal for the inquiry commission originated from BSP, but it was supported by MPs from all parliamentary groups.

Earlier on Wednesday, the proposal of the Socialist leader Mihail Mikov for the establishment of a specialised committee for Bulgarians living abroad, was approved for inclusion in this week's parliamentary agenda.

Mikov justified his proposal with developments, such as those in Ukraine, which necessitated the establishment of a standing committee to address the needs of Bulgarians living abroad.

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