EU Nations Consider Recognizing Palestinian Statehood

Spain, Ireland, and other EU nations are intending to acknowledge Palestine's statehood on May 21, as stated by Josep Borrell, the EU's top diplomat for foreign and security policy, reported by Reuters. This announcement comes ahead of the anticipated UN vote on the Palestinian bid for full membership in the global body.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously disclosed in March that Spain, along with Ireland, Slovenia, and Malta, had agreed to initiate steps toward recognizing Palestine as a state. They argue that a two-state solution is crucial for achieving lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

When questioned by Spanish radio station RNE if May 21 would mark the recognition of Palestine by Spain, Ireland, and other EU members, Borrell confirmed this assertion, also mentioning Slovenia. He added that Belgium and other member states would follow suit.

Earlier statements from Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares suggested that the decision for recognition had been made, although no specific date was mentioned.

Amid escalating casualties from Israel's military campaign in the Gaza Strip, aimed at Hamas following a deadly attack by the group in southern Israel, international calls for a ceasefire and a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have intensified.

Israel has criticized plans to recognize Palestine as rewarding terrorism and potentially hindering diplomatic resolutions to the Gaza conflict.

The UN General Assembly is poised to endorse the Palestinian bid for full membership today, declaring the state of Palestine ready for accession and urging the Security Council to consider the matter favorably.

Reports from Ireland's national media suggest that Spain, Ireland,...

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