Politics and projections

SYRIZA keeps looking for ways to transfer its political dispute with New Democracy abroad. One wonders whether the prime minister and his aides have so little faith in their own positions that they seek confirmation elsewhere, or whether the long-term distortion of reality has evolved from a political trick into a disease, where the afflicted see only what they want to see.
Whichever the case, the Spanish elections and the Venezuela uprising have become issues in Greek politics, proxy wars waged solely to impress their supporters.

SYRIZA is trying relentlessly to tie ND with the worst aspects of politics in Europe and beyond. For a while now, as part of its campaign as the enemy of "the far right and neoliberalism" in Europe, SYRIZA has projected ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis as being one with Viktor Orban, despite the fact that Greece's opposition leader has called on...

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