Propaganda and information

Recently we have been witness to a contest between Greece's two main political parties, Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) and New Democracy (ND), over which is worse in terms of their authoritarian handling of the media.
"ND's stock strategy, it appears, is to give 'orders' to private broadcasters, taking on the role of editor in chief at times and presenter at others," newspaper Avgi wrote last week in response to a demand by ND's press officer, Sofia Zacharaki, for a video showing the opposition party's position on the issue of changes to the length of the working week to be shown in its entirety rather than an edited version.
It does indeed take a great deal of nerve on the part of the pro-government newspaper to accuse New Democracy of attempting to manipulate the media when just the previous day, during a program presented by journalist Katerina Akrivopoulou,...

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