The air in Sofia: What Measures has the Municipality Taken?

At the next meeting of the Sofia Municipal Council, a report on the so called new mechanism for early warning system. This mechanism will shorten the response time for air pollution in one day.

This was stated in the BNT morning block, Lorita Radeva, chairman of the Environment Committee at Sofia Municipal Council.

The metropolitan municipality has installed the first of the 22 new sensors for air quality during last week.

"With their placement, we want to give yet another opportunity for the citizens of Sofia to track the state of the air at points as close as possible to their home or to their workplace, not because it will change the picture of the city, but because we hope it will make us more ambitious to work together to make the city cleaner. "It is a priority of our management that people know the maximum and are well informed," said Lorita Radeva.


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