Attention: New Types of Designer Drugs!

For 2018, 51 new substances have appeared, which are being added to so-called designer drugs. This was announced by Dr. Bozhidar Chukurlanov, in connection with the distribution of drugs in Varna, FOCUS News Agency reported.

He said that this means drug producers were synthesizing a new substance every week, which makes the work of specialists extremely difficult. According to him, this is a new stage in the evolution of designer drugs, as the formula changes lead to the production of new substances that are not included in the prohibition lists of the relevant legislation. This automatically makes them unaffected by the pursuit of legislation and can be distributed through the so-called "Twilight Zone" on the Internet.

According to Dr. Chukurulanov, the problem is that these new formulas have certain effects that cannot be examined and learned by doctors quickly enough. The quick production results in epidemics of intoxication, which are not fully understood by specialists.

From now on, the therapeutic approach is extremely difficult. Another step in the synthesis of designer drugs is the addition of new molecules that give emphasis to a particular effect. The specialist explained that such, for example, are the so-called "hi-hi" tablets.

"They show you one finger there and you are in an extremely good mood, uncritical, elevated libido. These are only a small part of the supplements that are put into drugs, but it should be known that they are extremely harmful to the health of their recipients, "commented Dr. Bozhidar Chukurlanov.

He also pointed out that one part of the drug is made in illegal laboratories in Bulgaria, but another, not a small part, can be also purchased from the Internet.

"These are so-called smoking...

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