Turkey rejects Arab League's baseless claims

Turkey on March 5 rejected recent decisions by the Arab League which contained unfounded allegations against the country.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said "Turkey completely rejects all baseless claims and decisions" taken at a Ministerial Council meeting held on March 4 in Cairo, Egypt.

"Our country has always respected and supported the territorial integrity and political unity of Arab countries and has taken a constructive attitude so that the region will not be driven into further instability," said the ministry.

It said Turkey's constructive attitude and efforts are appreciated by Arab nations.

"The baseless accusations of some Arab League members towards our country are mainly the result of their futile efforts to cover their destructive activities," it added.

The ministry said it is well known that some countries not only stand idly by but also support regimes, militia leaders and terrorist groups that cause humanitarian plight in some Arab countries.

"We invite the Arab League to play a positive role in ensuring stability and security in the region instead of acting under the direction of some of its members who have a hostile attitude toward our country," it added.

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