Greeks less affected by money gloom

Greece outperformed all its European Union peers in terms of economic sentiment last month, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras stated on Saturday, following the publication of relevant data by the European Commission.

All countries recorded a decline in economic sentiment, due to the measures to contain Covid-19, but Greece posted the smallest drop, Staikouras stressed: "While the average decline among EU member-states was by 28.8 points, from 94.6 to 65.8 points, in Greece the decline stood at just 10.1 points, with the index showing 99.3 points in April," he said.

"This development, albeit in a negative direction, illustrates what Greeks are capable of. We can achieve a good performance compared to our peers. I ask that we constantly strengthen this relationship of trust between the state, the citizens, society and the enterprises that we have constructed, so that...

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