Bulgaria: 7 Million Vehicles Crossed Danube River Bridge at Vidin since Opening

Seven million vehicles have crossed the Vidin-Calafat bridge in the two directions between Bulgaria and Romania since the facility was commissioned in June 2013, Lyudmil Dimitrov, the new Executive Director of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian company which operates the bridge, said in a BTA interview.
Traffic through the bridge in January-June 2021 increased by 16 per cent compared to the like period in 2020. The traffic in 2020 decreased by 12 per cent from 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The bridge connecting Vidin and Calafat is the second bridge in the Bulgarian-Romanian stretch of the Danube. The first one is between Rousse and Giurgiu and was opened in June 1954.
So far in 2020 the busiest traffic along Danube Bridge 2 was in June, when 102,500 vehicles crossed the bridge, while February was the month with the least traffic. Summer traffic is 10-15 per cent higher than traffic in the spring.
The majority of the vehicles using the bridge are lorries. Between 1,200 and 1,500 vehicles on average per day leave Bulgaria via the bridge.
Traffic has picked up of vehicles coming from Albania and Serbia after an increase of toll fees there.
The charges for crossing the bridge have remained unchanged since the facility was opened./Bta

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