Bulgaria: 500 Ukrainian Refugees chose to Spend the Night in the Wagons in Elhovo (VIDEO)

Most of the Ukrainian refugees refused to enter the wagons located in the temporary distribution centers due to the conditions in them and stayed for hours in the buses.

"Organization - zero, information - zero. Nothing! We got off the bus and they left us," said one of the refugees.

Another said they were leaving. "Do you think people can stay here after the war?" I don't think so. Our children are scared."

A third expressed hope that she would stay in the wagons for up to 5 days but hoped they would soon be provided with better conditions.

There were some who were not disappointed.

"We are very grateful to Bulgaria for accepting us. We lived for two months in Golden Sands in a luxury hotel. We saw how organized you received us. We are happy that we are not at war, that we are under a peaceful sky. We see that we are protected. There are cameras with video surveillance. Our children live in peace. Thank you," said one of the women.

Around midnight, the chairman of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva arrived at the accommodation center in Elhovo. She confirmed that more Ukrainians are expected to arrive today. They remain in the distribution center for up to 72 hours, after which they are redirected.

"It's just a buffer center here for up to 72 hours. This is the so-called filter or triage to prioritize people with more specific needs. This is the meaning of the buffer zone. Then they are directed, groups and lists are made, if people got close while they were at a hotel, maybe some group, say 40-50 people, can be directed to a holiday resort, so that they do not separate , after creating a mini-community. I already realized by the time I got on the road that there was a...

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