Former Bulgarian PM: It would be Tragic to Give Up Liquefied Gas and Pay in Rubles

"Liquefied gas from the United States is the best option for Bulgaria". Former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said this on Nova TV. According to him, he negotiated personally with the suppliers, without intermediaries.

"For me, it would be tragic to give up liquefied gas and pay in rubles. Not for anything else, but because I will be afraid of what will happen in the winter. Now they are talking about whether Gazprom will let us pay in rubles or not. The ruble is not the problem. The real issue is security of supply. At the moment, the German companies pay in rubles and have stopped their gas on Nord Stream 1, the Italian ones have reduced their supplies. I am most afraid that in the fall, just as the heating season begins, the problems will begin. For example - planned repair of some turbine", said the former Prime Minister.

According to him, the best option is if Bulgaria is independent from Gazprom this winter

"When you have a supplier who changes his mind from morning to night, how can you count on him to be correct in the winter?" If someone manages to negotiate some quantities to fill the gas storage facility in Chiren with some cheap gas, let them do it. It's a security-price issue here. Security is more important than price. All of Europe is wondering what to do, everyone is afraid of winter. Bulgaria did not stop supplying and having gas for a second. I think we managed perfectly at this point", added Petkov.

He also commented on the seven liquefied gas vessels

"The offer is within the frame contract and it is mandatory. In other words, if Bulgaria requests these tankers, the offering company cannot refuse. For October and November we were ready with the...

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