Coca Cola 3E to invest 75 million euros in 2022 – 2023

Coca-Cola 3E is "running" an investment plan of 75 million euros for the 2022-2023, and this is cause for optimism according to Ms. Maria Anargyrou-Nikolits, general manager of the company for Greece and Cyprus, despite the adversities due to inflationary pressures, the energy crisis and the problems of the supply chain.


The company's investments are focused on five axes: production process, digital transformation, sustainable development, people and market, as was mentioned during a press conference where the economic impact of Coca-Cola's local activity in Greece was presented.

In particular, at the beginning of 2023 a new line will start operating at the Schimatari factory, while the investments in digital transformation are also very important for the company, with the aim of infusing 5G technology in the soft drinks and juices unit.

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Since last year, the Schimatari factory has been producing the Monster energy drink, directed to foreign markets.

In the field of sustainable development, one of the company's big plans is the installation of photovoltaic panels at the Schimatari factory with the aim of saving energy.

Price increases

In response to a question from the OT regarding the revaluations, Ms. Anargyrou-Nikolic said that from the beginning of 2022, on average, the increases in Coca-Cola 3E products in the domestic market are at 6.9%. However, she noted that the company has absorbed most of the increases in operating costs (energy, raw materials, distribution), while emphasizing that the goal of Coca-Cola 3E is to have proposals for all consumers.

The "household basket"

In terms...

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