Will the war come to an end?

Ukrainian servicemen ride an armored personnel carrier as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, with no end in sight, in the Donetsk village of Torske, on December 30. [Reuters]

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has hit the 10-month mark. With western backing, Ukraine has staunchly resisted the incursion of Russia, which is caught up in a costly conflict with no clear exit strategy. 

The 2022 deadlock raises obvious questions about 2023 prospects. What factors will determine the outcome of the conflict? Who has time on their side? What could be the outcome of a negotiation and who could win this war? 

Four analysts share their predictions with Kathimerini.


Continued slogging

The constants in this war seem to be Ukraine's will and military skill and Russia's bungling and brutality. 

Western support and Russian endurance have held so far, but either of them could change over the coming year and lead to this war's ending in 2023. 

I hope Russia's deteriorating...

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