Man opens pizzeria after returning from UK

After returning from the U.K. to his homeland upon his mother's request, a Turk has opened a pizzeria in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir, leaving behind his life in Cambridge to start a new one in his hometown.

Hüseyin Dede, who started to reside in the U.K. in his 20s, returned to Türkiye in 2015 upon his mother's request and opened first a kebab shop and then a pizzeria.

Dede stated that he made his pizzas with the tips he received from his Italian friend, adding that people in the city found his pizzas quite delicious.

Pointing that his biggest dream while living in the U.K. was to return to Türkiye and start a business, Dede said, "Finally, I decided to return to Türkiye and start a business in the food industry."

His foreign customers who learned his story were very surprised, Dede said, adding that people wondered why a person who received training in Cambridge was working in a pizzeria.

Providing information about the pizzas he prepares, Dede stated that he tried to achieve the same standard in terms of taste and ingredients as pizzas in the U.K.

"Our pizzas are almost the same as those made in the U.K. I have a friend who manages a well-known pizzeria in Italy. I talked to him and asked him everything," he explained.

"I took tips from him, from how to make the dough to how long to rest it. I think the secret of the job is to use the right materials and learn the job from a master," Dede stated.

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