North Korea is Rehearsing Nuclear Strikes against the US and South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged his country to be ready to launch nuclear strikes at any moment, accusing the US and South Korea of expanding joint military exercises involving US nuclear-capable weapons, BTA and Reuters reported, citing local media: state agency KCNA.

On Saturday and Sunday, Kim Jong-un oversaw drills simulating a nuclear counterattack against the US and South Korea as a warning sign to allies.

A ballistic missile with an imitation of a nuclear warhead was fired during the exercise. The missile traveled 800 km and hit a target at an altitude of 800m in a tactical nuclear strike scenario, KCNA reports.

South Korea and Japan reported the launch of a North Korean short-range ballistic missile from the country's east coast on Sunday.

The KCNA wrote that the drills were aimed at strengthening the country's "military deterrence and nuclear countermeasures capability" and accused Washington and Seoul of making a "clear attempt to start a war" against it.

"The drills were also intended to demonstrate our firmer will for a real military response and send a stronger warning to the enemy that is expanding its military exercises with the aim of aggression," KCNA said.

North Korea has reacted sharply to joint military exercises between South Korea and the US this month, describing them as a rehearsal for an invasion against it.

In another announcement, the KCNA reported that 1.4 million North Koreans have volunteered to join or return to the military to fight against Seoul and Washington. Just two days earlier, the number of volunteers listed by a state newspaper was 800 thousand.

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