The Minister of Energy welcomed in Turkey a Tanker with American Gas for Bulgaria

"At the end of the month in Sofia (April 25-26), a large-scale agreement is expected to be signed between several countries, including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, on the expansion of the gas infrastructure. This will make it possible to supply gas from Azerbaijan through Bulgaria to Central Europe." This was announced by the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov during his visit to the Turkish terminal Marmara Ereglisi LNG, where the first tanker with liquefied natural gas was received, according to the agreement between Bulgargaz Ltd. and the Turkish company Botas, BTA reported.

According to Minister Hristov, the agreement to be signed in Sofia will enable our country to supply liquefied gas from American and European sources to Central Europe again.

"This agreement is of European importance. Of course, in parallel with this, we continue our cooperation with the Turkish side, according to the agreement we have," he said.

The agreement between "Botas" and "Bulgargaz" was signed in Sofia on January 3 this year and has a term of 13 years. With it, the Bulgarian public supplier gained access to five terminals for liquefied natural gas and the gas transmission network of Turkey. It is planned that 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas will be transferred per year. The tanker that arrived in Turkey today has a cargo of 50 million cubic meters.

"This agreement is extremely important for Bulgaria. In practice, today begins the practical implementation of the agreement that was reached between the presidents of Bulgaria and Turkey in December last year. Literally a few weeks later (on January 3) we signed the agreement and today we welcome the first tanker that we unload. In order to...

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