Prominent CHP figure urges quick reforms after election setback

The parliamentary head of the main opposition Republican People's Party, Özgür Özel, has emphasized the need "not to overlook the public's reaction" and called for swift reforms in the party amid growing calls for change.

"Those who don't recognize the election results as a defeat were out of touch with the sentiments of the party's base and organization. An emotional rift had emerged among voters who felt their feelings were not properly understood," Özel said in an interview with daily Cumhuriyet on July 31.

The statements from Özel were interpreted as a tacit response to party leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's previous remarks, where he refused to acknowledge the election as a defeat and disregarded calls for change led by Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

Özel further pointed out that the grassroots are experiencing an "unprecedented level of anger." Ignoring this situation, he warned, could have implications for the party's future and its performance in the upcoming local elections.

To address the situation, he revealed that he had engaged in discussions with party members from all provinces and districts, stressing the urgency of implementing reforms and revolutions.

Özel also mentioned that the Istanbul mayor had garnered significant appreciation from party administrators and the party's base, leading to his consideration as a vice presidential candidate for a coalition of six political parties in the May 14 elections. "He could potentially secure the most votes for the Istanbul municipality on behalf of our party," he stated.

Meanwhile, İmamoğlu held a meeting with former CHP leaders Altan Öymen and Hikmet Çetin, as well as former Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) leader Murat Karayalçın in Istanbul. According to...

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