John Sarbanes leaving the Congress

'Greece is well-positioned to model a diverse energy portfolio that advances regional security imperatives while simultaneously accelerating a climate-friendly transition to clean energy solutions,' US Congressman John Sarbanes told Kathimerini on a recent visit to Athens. [ANA]

The United States Congress, the Greek-American community, as well as Greece and Cyprus, will miss the leadership, ethical presence and sense of purpose of John Sarbanes, who, a few days ago, announced his intention not to seek re-election in 2024.

Throughout his career, Sarbanes was a reliable and steady voice of reason in support of Hellenic issues and someone Athens and Nicosia could count on for advice and assistance on important legislative actions.

The mild-mannered congressman, who was widely respected across the aisle, knew how to be effective without being loud.

A true public servant, he honored the legacy of his late father, Senator Paul Sarbanes, who, it is fair to say, was the most influential Greek American in US political history.

A member of the US House of Representatives for the last 17 years, Sarbanes has seen the level of public...

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