Vucic: We are in talks about major Western investment in Vranje

VRANJE - President of Serbia and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) member Aleksandar Vucic announced on Friday evening talks were underway about a major Western investment in Vranje, southern Serbia, that would be worth over 100 mln euros.

"I hope we will successfully complete the talks on a large Western investment in Vranje worth over 100 mln euros, which should hire more than 1,500 people. They asked where, and we said Vranje, and we will provide additional subsidies... so that we can employ people and so that they can stay in the south of Serbia," Vucic said at an SNS electoral rally.

"We want to strengthen all of southern Serbia - the Pcinja District, the Jablanica District, the Pirot District, the Nisava District and the Toplica District," Vucic said.

"People in southern Serbia should live an equally good life as people in Belgrade and Novi Sad do," he...

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