Ukrainian Community In Bulgaria: Pro-Russian Structures Prepare Rally With Ukrainian-Speaking Agents!

Bulgarian-based pro-Russian groups are planning a demonstration titled "End the war in Ukraine," allegedly recruiting Ukrainian-speaking individuals to participate in the event. The Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Bulgaria, "Mati Ukraine," (СУОБ "Мати Украйна") has raised concerns and cautioned against the rally's misleading agenda.

Scheduled for December 20 in front of the presidency, the rally purports to advocate for peace in Ukraine but reportedly supports ending the conflict by conceding Ukrainian territories currently occupied by Russia. Mati Ukraine has vehemently condemned this initiative, distinguishing it as a hybrid action and denouncing the involvement of any Ukrainian community members.

Expressing disgust and indignation, Mati Ukraine disclosed that the organizers intend to portray the pro-Russian event with Ukrainian flags and slogans opposing war and advocating for Bulgaria to mediate between Ukraine and Russia. The association alleges that since early December, pro-Russian entities in Bulgaria have been recruiting Ukrainian speakers for performances aligned with Kremlin agendas.

The primary objective of this rally, as per Mati Ukraine, is to discredit Ukraine and Bulgaria while creating a false narrative suggesting Bulgarian and Ukrainian society's support for anti-Ukrainian initiatives.

Mati Ukraine reiterated their firm stance, aligning with Ukraine's official position based on the Peace Formula by the Ukrainian President. They stress the condition for peace negotiations, emphasizing the withdrawal of Russian troops from all recognized Ukrainian territories since 1991, holding Russia accountable.

The association emphasizes Bulgaria's support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and calls...

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