Today at noon a large gathering of Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica

As previously announced, they want to draw the attention of the whole world and the international community to their disenfranchised position, especially due to the decision of Pristina and the Prime Minister of Pristina's provisional institutions, Albin Kurti, to suspend the use of Dinar, which threatens survival in their centuries' old hearths.
The Association of Pensioners, whose representatives announced and reported the meeting to the competent authorities, said that they expect a large number of their compatriots, health workers, educators, the socially vulnerable, students and youth at the rally, in a word, "all those whose existence is directly threatened by unfair measures from Pristina''.
"This will be our joint peaceful appeal and gathering to show the whole world that they see our suffering and disenfranchisement. The rally will be held at 12:00 in the vicinity of Brae Mili Square,'' the Association pointed out for TV Most.

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